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I want to thank you for the excellent service and the professional policy manual. You saved me and my staff hours of work!

Melinda F.
Jupiter, FL

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Licensed State Specific Policy and Procedure Manual

The Policy and Procedure Manual is the heart of all Home Health Agencies as well as the first item Surveyors want to review.

Does your manual follow the State Regulations?
Does your manual follow CHAP, Joint Commission, or ACHC accreditation standards?
Ours do! We even crosswalk to the accreditation body of your choice as well as to your state regulations.

Our survey proven P&P manual will allow you to take care of your patients, rather than spend your valuable time researching rules and regulations.

Accreditation Specific Table of Content Samples

Table of Contents Joint Commission
Table of Contents CHAP
Table of Contents ACHC

Policy and Procedure Manual
List of Polices with PDF Samples Linked Below

1.001.1 Definition of Organization
1.002.1 Services Offered
1.001.2 Mission Statement and Philosophy
1.003.1 Service Area
1.004.1 Payment for Services
1.004.2 Fee Schedule
1.005.1 Hours of Operation
1.006.1 Administrative Control/Governing Body
1.006.2 Ethics Committee
1.007.1 Professional Advisory Committee
1.008.1 Annual Evaluation
1.009.1 Admission Criteria
1.010.1 Discharge/Transfer from Service
1.011.1 Contingency Plan
1.011.2 Agency Closure Procedures
1.012.1 Backup Coverage of Services
1.013.1 Business Associate Contract
1.014.1 Anti Fraud Program
1.016.1 Professional Standards & Principles
1.017.1 Financial Records
1.017.2 Financial Planning
1.017.3 Capital Expenditures
1.018.1 Services Provided under Contract
1.019.1 Research Activities/Investigational Studies
1.020.1 Public Disclosure
1.020.2 Disclosure to Licensing Authority
1.020.3 Change of Ownership or Administrative Control
1.020.4 Plan of Correction
1.021.1 Information Management
2.001.1 Reasonable Accommodations
2.002.1 Personnel Records
2.002.2 Employment References
2.002.3 Time Records
2.003.1 Selection of Personnel
2.003.2 Classification of Personnel
2.003.3 Volunteers
2.003.4 Ethics
2.003.5 Employee Dress Code
2.003.6 Employee Health Assessments
2.004.1 Payday
2.005.1 Benefits & Wages
2.006.1 Confidentiality
2.007.1 Orientation & Staff Development
2.008.1 Policy & Procedure Agreement
2.009.1 Competency Evaluation
2.010.1 Cell Phone and Texting
2.011.1 Cultural Diversity
2.013.1 Performance Evaluation
2.014.1 Employee Discipline
2.015.1 Termination/Separation of Employment
2.016.1 Employee Grievances
2.017.1 Smoking
2.021.1 Professional Peer Review
2.022.1 Professional Reporting
2.023.1 Drug Testing
2.024.1 Conflict of Interest
2.025.1 Knowledge/Resource Center
3.001.1 Client Conduct, Responsibility & Rights
3.001.2 Non Discrimination
3.002.1 Solicitation/Distribution for Referrals
3.003.1 Patients Complaints & Grievances
3.004.1 Reporting Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation
3.005.1 Criminal History Checks
3.005.2 Employee Misconduct Registry
3.005.3 National Sex Offender Registry
3.006.1 Out-of-Hospital Do Not Resuscitate Order
3.007.1 Advanced Directives
3.007.2 Declaration for Mental Health Treatment
3.009.1 Coordination of Client Care
3.011.1 Patient Privacy Rights
3.012.1 Facilitating Communication
3.013.1 After Hours Care
4.001.1 Security of Clinical Information
4.002.1 Retention of Clinical Records
4.003.1 Timeliness of Entries in Clinical Record
4.003.2 Client Records
4.004.1 Physician Orders/Plan of Care
4.004.2 Physician Signatures
4.004.3 Physician Delegation
4.004.4 Physician Verification
4.004.5 RN Delegation
4.005.1 Clinical Record Review/Quarterly Review
4.006.1 Abbreviations
4.007.1 Prohibition on Transporting Patient
4.009.1 Medication Profile
4.009.2 Medication Administration Record
4.009.3 Medication Storage
4.009.4 Emergency Medication
4.009.5 Medication/Prescriptions Orders
4.009.6 Confused Drug Names
4.009.7 Administration of Blood
4.009.8 Adverse Drug Reactions
4.009.9 Trasporting Vaccinations
4.010.1 Medication Reminding
5.001.1 Billing
5.001.2 Referrals
5.002.1 Verification of Primary Payor
5.004.1 Staffing Issues
5.005.1 Faxing
5.006.1 Protected Health Information Password/Usernames
5.007.1 Red Flag Rules
6.001.1 In Service Education
6.002.1 Patient Education
6.004.1 Wound Care Management
6.006.1 Pain Management
6.011.1 Reporting Emergencies in the Home
6.012.1 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
6.014.1 Sharp Debridement of non viable tissue
6.015.1 Clinical Procedures
6.016.1 Care Planning
6.017.1 RN Pronouncement
6.020.1 Nurse Supervision
6.021.1 Certified Nursing Aide
6.022.1 Physical Therapy Services
6.022.2 Physical Therapy Evaluation
6.023.1 Medical Social Worker
6.023.2 Medical Social Worker Evaluation
6.024.1 Dietician Services
6.024.2 Dietician Evaluation
6.025.1 Occupational Therapy Services
6.025.2 Occupational Therapy Evaluation
6.026.1 Speech Therapy Services
6.026.2 Speech Therapy Evaluation
7.001.1 Infection/Exposure Control Plan
7.001.2 CLIA Waiver
7.002.1 Universal Body Substance Precautions
7.003.1 Management of Infections/Exposures
7.004.1 Personal Protective Equipment
7.005.1 Hand washing
7.006.1 Aseptic Technique
7.007.1 Sterile Technique
7.009.1 Respiratory & Tuberculosis Precautions
7.010.1 Tuberculosis Exposure Control Plan
7.011.1 Contaminated Reusable Materials Disposition
7.012.1 Contaminated Waste Disposal
7.013.1 Therapy Bag Techniques
7.015.1 Communication of Hazards to Personnel
7.016.1 Hepatitis B Vaccination
7.017.1 Information & Training
7.018.1 Evaluating & Maintaining Records of infections
7.019.1 Reporting of Communicable Diseases
7.020.1 Record Keeping
7.021.1 Medical Equipment Malfunction
7.022.1 Hazardous Waste Handling & Labeling
7.023.1 OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training
7.024.1 Incident/Accident Reporting
7.025.1 Agency Personnel Safety/ Personal Safety
7.026.1 Agency Personnel Safety/ Unsafe Home Visits
7.027.1 Accidental Exposure
7.028.1 Accidental Prevention
7.028.2 Fall Prevention
7.029.1 Car Accident Reporting
7.031.1 Emergency Preparedness
7.032.1 Material Safety Data Sheet
7.033.1 Fire Safety
8.001.1 Quality Assessment/Performance Plan
8.002.1 Patient Satisfaction Survey
8.003.1 Non Patient Satisfaction Survey
8.004.1 Data Quality Audits
9.001.1 Provisions of Intravenous Therapy
9.002.1 Administration of IV Therapy
9.003.1 Nurse Responsibility
9.004.1 Patient Education
9.005.1 Anaphylaxis Protocol
9.006.1 Possession of Supplies
9.007.1 Possession of Saline, Certain Vaccines & Dangerous Drugs


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